Saturday, February 4, 2012

Photos Sometimes its never what we think its going to or should be. No news in this case is not good news. For purposes of this blog, the news I can share is that the grad school search is over. The grad school search is over, but the international world tour continues(your 0% shocked i'm sure). Batouri, Cameroon to Oxford, England! In a few months I will be a resident there pursuing a masters degree in disaster relief.

So there might not be much to write about, but here are some other photos from my second year and most recently.

Mama Wali breaking it down!

Showing off my Michael Jackson moves.

The luxurious hotel accommodations of Batouri, Cameroon.

Parental picture with my Cameroonian host family :)

Outside my bank.

Thanksgiving with the parents, peace corps volunteers, and Ed was able to join for a bit as well. Here we are dining on the veranda of his house in Batouri. Also, this is where I usually sit when I go for internet.

Eastern Cameroon is definitely the adventure of a lifetime.

Termites are included on the list of good protein sources here. They eat everything. Jessica, the more adventurous eater between us, had a go at venturing into the insect group. She bought some caterpillars at the market and fried some up to try. Who knew they were kind of hollow inside?

Ah, you know me and meat. It's only a tease.

Muslim holidays = eating, eating, eating. Probably our sixth meal that day. Jessica and I by the end of the day were so full that if any of our hosts left the room we started stuffing food into plastic bags we had hidden in our purses to make it look like we had been eating!

Peace Corps Volunteers: one for all and all for one. Living as a volunteer can be a crazy experience, but proud to be one nonetheless.

The hazards of having to travel on an unpaved road. Here I arriving home and sporting my after-travel look.

Celebrating my birthday with Julia!

The Canadian within me.

My sweet Grandma, who came down from Canada to be with us.

Fun night at Karaoke.

I am blessed with great friends :D

When seeing this photo, can't help thinking of all the fond memories of summers spent growing up on grandpa's farm in Northeastern Montana. Always believing there is a song for everything in life, found the perfect ones to describe this in the songs of John Denver - "Take Me Home Country Roads" and "Wild Montana Skies." Very fitting indeed. Part of my ♥ will always be here.