Monday, January 31, 2011

Ah, Vacation!!!

Yes, it is several weeks after my actual return from vacation, but it was very noteworthy as this vacation was to the first-world! As a sidenote, I should mention after Kribi I did make an attempt to climb Mount Cameroon on Christmas. I feel accomplished enough to say I spent christmas eve on the side of it at a altitute of around 3000 meters. However, bloody heels and being miserable coupled with an altogether sentiment that I wanted to revive some christmas spirit/cheer made me decide to tourn around. The descent was just as difficult and it led to any small step downwards (even with my by then acquired walking stick) the slowest and most painful descent I have ever done. Christmas was revived at Bill & Trixy's with great food, christmas lights/music, excellent company, and a christmas movie. All more to my liking :)

Onto London. It was awesome! Having already been too London several times, it was really just a chance to see my parents and get some R&R. I could regale you with all the adventures, but I will leave all that to hopefully pictures that I can one day post (internet here is too slow for that :( ). After living in Cameroon for almost 7 months at this point, it was definetly weird to be back in such a civilized world. More, to even feel like a visitor in this world I used to know so well. I did have my list of things to eat, as I had told my parents I was trumping them on all food matters. Not every choice was met, most unforunately, but I did go above and beyond my expectation where cheese is concerned :). Body may have said slow down a couple times, but I have no regrets. So let me sum this up by saying what was very noticeable to me coming out of my third-world life for a quick breath of air. I was thankful for: great customer service, reliable/on-time transportation, retail-therapy as I know it to be, great food, and anonymity. The anonymity was really the breath of fresh air. Not being watched wherever I go/whatever I do, being called white in every language around here, hearing I love you's and requests to take them back to the U.S., and not just so blatantly standing out. It went by too fast. It was a nice way to enter into 2011, coincidentally the entirety of which will be based here in Batouri, Cameroon. Hard to adjust the first couple days back just from the extremes from which I transitioned. Though, it must be said that it was an easier transition than first thought. Since by then it was a break from post, yet I knew more the way of things when I did get back. London trip = success :D. oh and p.s. to this post. Treated myself to a haircut and came back to Cameroon not only with a real cut but alsot as a brunette!